VIP 2: Kajol returns to Tamil cinema, and holds her own even as Dhanush mansplains away

The most unsatisfactory part of Velai Illa Pattadhaari 2 (VIP 2) is the end. Usually in the Tamil movie formula, heroes fight against the evil twigs Group half-turn and deliver a mass message, but simply on “unmai dhaan jeikkum” (truth earns only) and “dharmam dhaan vitela” ( The always have triumph).

If in VIP 1, we saw Raghuvaran in trouble, do everything possible to work that he meets his neighbor, falls in love with her, see telenovelas with his mother, gaanas sings about life, shows the death of his mother and, about All, fight a privileged male villain who gets his father’s business in this movie, we see a married Raghuvaran, who loses his job and faces against Kajol.

She has played the loving infam├Ętement surpassed Gupt, returns to the Tamil cinema after two decades. The last time she played the unforgettable heroine in minsara Kanavu aka Sapney. This time he’s a villain.

Unfortunately, instead of a dramatic climatic fight scene in VIP 2, Dhanush’s character, Raghuvaran, takes the path of birth and urge the character Kajol Vasundhara, to repair his “attitude” (note, please s Use of ‘body weight’, the Indian term for arrogance) and how your story of a girl’s whole-prognosis-to-eat-on-top does not matter.

Why are you arrogant about it, ask him and advise him to be humble and proud of it. “Are not men and women the same?” Application does. “Women should be physically weaker, but they are mentally stronger,” he said he hit him with a glass of wine in his hand.

Vasundhara, who has so far refused to be undefeated for anything, including to the point of losing his contract (which uses the influence of a minister of reward) and the rebellion of the employees return to the company Raghuvaran is reduced yada yada yada by 2 minutes from Dhanush (can not have had words, but only heard bla bla bla).

Instead of killing him with his eyebrows, he smiled and decided to become a friend of Raghuvaran and jump on his bike for breakfast. In a brief speech, the villain is defeated. Now, it makes sense that these other reports have mentioned Kajol are not necessarily a villain, but simply “lock horns with Dhanush”.

Underlying message: she was always good at it, even if she was an arrogant woman – she just needed a man to master and carry this inherent goodness.
If there is a girl who fights against the history of all opportunities in VIP 2, this is not the character Vasundhara is the actor Kajol.

While it may be a useless VIP suite 1, and of course, Raghuvaran’s story, the film belongs to Kajol, despite the mediocre writing and imaginatively imagined role. The film begins with a shot of his stilettos seen leaving a car and when his name was announced on a reward function, he is made present with a blow of hair effortlessly.

He smartly removes his reading glasses and gives it to his assistant. And she wears sunglasses with great arrogance and Rajinikanth. Indeed, Kajol’s greatest service is to remember all the great women of Tamil cinema.

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