Teen couple found dead in south-west Delhi hotel

Teen couple found dead in south-west Delhi hotel

Teen couple found dead in south-west Delhi hotel

NEW DELHI: A schoolboy of 17 and an 18-year-old girl pursuing an MBBS degree are suspended Friday night with a ceiling fan in a hotel room in Dwarka, southwest of Delhi qu’OYO booked on request.

The police found no sign of enforced entry; The room was closed from the inside. A suicide pact is the main line of investigation, but police also examine other angles.

The couple entered the hotel in Sector 17 of Dwarka, at 13:30 on Thursday after booking through OYO’s request, police said. They would have stayed in the room for check-in.

Police received a call about the incident at the hotel around 17:30. on Friday. “Seeing something wrong, the staff rang several times, but received no response.

He even knocked on the door several times, after which the manager was warned. The staff then called the police and opened the door and found himself hooked, “said South African President Kumar Surender.

The police initiated an investigation into death under the CPO article. 174, according to the protocol in these cases. The documents that were presented to the hotel as proof of identity were captured and their families contacted to know their history and relationships.

They were found hanging from a rope that they believe they have brought with them. Police suspect suicide planning some time ago.

Investigations revealed that the boy had left home in Janakpuri saying he was going for the plates and met the girl at a subway station near Sector 17. Police said the father of the child had a grocery store in the west Of Delhi and the child studying in class 12 at a private school in west Delhi.

The girl, the police said, was a resident of Rohini. She was a MBBS undergraduate student at a medical school. Police used the identity card of the girl recovered from the hotel to find her parents.

Police had already searched for the boy while his parents had approached the police station Thursday night.

While the reasons behind death are not yet verified, police suspect the two of them had a romantic that they wanted to keep secret from their families.

Their mobile phones were found next to their bodies and were scanned to see if they had called someone to let them know that they committed suicide, in fact, it was a suicide.

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