SC orders CBI to probe 95 Manipur encounter deaths

SC orders CBI to probe 95 Manipur encounter deaths

SC orders CBI to probe 95 Manipur encounter deaths

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court, in a landmark ruling, ordered Friday the IWC to investigate 95 suspected bogus disputes in Manipur involving the army, Assam Rifles, CRPF, BSF and the police.

A judge judges Madan B and LOKUR UU Lalit ordered the director of the IWC, Alok Verma, on behalf of a group of five members to set up a special investigation team (SIT) to go through the records of all these cases would be to submit New FIR would complete the investigation on December 31 of this and leaf deposit rights. He requested a compliance report to the IWC by the second week of January.

“The balance between the work has already been done by the commissions of investigation, a judicial investigation, the HC Gauhati and Manipur and the CNDH. We leave to SIT the material collected.

We expect the Manipur and Union governments to provide full assistance and cooperation to the SIT so that it can carry out investigations, “said Judge Lokur, who wrote the lawsuit by the banker.

The director of the CBI will appoint the SIT and inform the court of his membership in two weeks.

The army asserted that the fact of the responsibility of criminal action to make the test of time in dangerous situations in disturbed areas such as Manipur, where several radical groups operated and where armed personnel often face situations of “life Or death “power is almost impossible to provide effective security and maintain the integrity of India.

The army has also argued that, since most of the cases were very old and had paid compensation to victims, it would not be useful to reopen investigations, especially after the investigation of the armed forces and for staff continuous.

The Court firmly rejected this argument and stated: “If a crime has been committed, an offense involving the death of a person who may be innocent can not be overlooked than for an hour.

The fact that the government took no action and let time pass, can not enjoy the delay to investigate. “

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