Parliament live updates: Lok Sabha adjourned sine die

The former union minister, Venkaiah Naidu, presided over the Rajya Sabha on Friday during the monsoon session of Parliament after being appointed vice president of India.

The Sabha Lok was a busy day with several bills lined up for consideration and approval.

The President asked the leader of the chamber, as they lack time.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley recalls a young Venkaiah Naidu. “I remember coming to Delhi as a student leader.

Today, with an experience of almost 20 years as a member of this House, which has the honor of chairing the House. ”

INC MP Anand Sharma: The debate between different ideologies and beliefs is our greatest strength in democracy.

Like rivers, ideas also come together in this House. I hope you are impartial and objective.

P. J. Kurien: “You were in Parliament for a long time – a member of the RS, as a minister, etc. You have vast experience and know the rules very well.

Under his leadership, the House will run smoothly. As Vice-President, I extend my full cooperation. ”

YSRCP MP Vijaysai Reddy talks about the proximity of their home villages. “You are the pride of Andhra Pradesh,” he said.

RPI (A) MP Ramdas launches Athwale worms. “Bohot katin Hai Yeh KB Home shawl, Bohot Mushkil Hai aur Congress ko sambhalna BJP”.

“Very pleased that the son of a farmer has had the opportunity to come here,” he said.

“Proud to welcome you as President of this august house,” said MP TDP Y. S. Chowdary. “There are rumors in the halls a strict manager arrived.”

President Sumitra Mahajan gives us a summary of the proceedings of the monsoon session.

“41 ministerial statements on various issues, reports of 1217 were presented. Invoice and resolution of a private member project were discussed.

252 zero hour warnings were treated. There were 42 requests for business discussions, “he said.

About 30 hours were lost in the recess, but more than 57 hours were introduced by parliamentarians, he added.

Mrs. Mahajan convey greetings to Independence Day; Vande Mataram is played in the Chamber.

Tiruchi Siva raises the question of speaking in his mother tongue. “If we speak in Hindi or English, translations are available.

But if we want to speak in Tamil, we must give written notice and despite this, there are no translations anywhere. “He asked Mr. Naidu to address this issue.

“Friends, I have another 16 names on the list to speak to, but only half an hour. Please observe two minutes per person without inviting me,” says Naidu.

“If he cooperates, I can work better,” he said, to the laughter of the House. The MP Balwinder Singh Bhunder request more time for all parties.

“There was a time in Parliament ran for 5 months in a year, but now less. Please give all parties time,” he said.

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