Pahlaj Nihalani sacked: Hansal Mehta says film fraternity should not rejoice just yet

Pahlaj Nihalani, who was president of the Central Bureau of Film Certification (CBFC), was fired on 11 August and letric-publicist Prasoon Joshi has been named new chief.

This decision was well received by several members of the fraternity of the film, prompting social networks to express their hopes for the improvement of the certification process and more reasonable censorship.

Hansal Mehta, director of films such as Aligarh, Shahid and City Lights, warns that the brotherhood of the film should not rejoice as soon, because the guidelines followed by the CBFC are always the same, and added that the negative reputation Nihalani n ‘ Was not a consequence of his political inclination, but also his own absurd decisions and declarations.

Speaking to Firstpost, he said: “We should not rejoice so early and do not focus on an individual for being, unless the updated guidelines of the film act do not change, nothing will happen.

Tomorrow if Prasoon [Joshi] makes difficult decisions because he is bound by the law, then we will question his policy and sensitivity.

Even when Sharmila Tagore was Chief CBFC, we continued to question his judgment and it was always very satisfying, to add to his thinking about the ideology of the current government.

The same with Pahlaj Nihalani, who add to his thinking about the ideology of government, but has aggravated the situation with his stupid declarations. He was also the victim of an obsolete law. ”

In the past, Mehta had several races with the CBFC. When the trailer for his film Aligarh received an “A” rating and his annoying promotoions, he called for the “cultural policy” advice.

He said: “It’s an attempt to thwart my promotion. They can not ban the film because my movie will be in any case, contrary to the Film Guidelines Act.” He also said that the decision showed the CBFC was homophobic.

After the controversy surrounding the certification and cuts made to Punjab was made public, Mehta came in support of the film and its creators.

“Should we always approach the courts to redress our complaints when an organization is appointed by the government to carry out the same task? If the CBFC is unable to interpret the guidelines without restricting artistic freedom, why CBFC what exists “Not at all?” He asked.

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