Fifty shades of reforms: Removing sanskari Pahlaj Nihalani just the first step, now end film censorship

Pahlaj Nihalani really deserves our sincere vote of thanks. If it were not for its cruelty value, we would be indifferent to an obsolete idea that sink into the center of artistic creativity, freedom of expression, society’s power to please itself and even succeeded in stifling all these vital signs of a democracy Mature

There should be no space in the new millennium for an outdated idea that has its roots in our colonial past, and I would have thanked the former head of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) for drawing our attention.

Nihalani, who gave himself up and the institution that ran a grotesque cartoon, did not shoot too soon. There were only a few months of a period of three years.

The questions will be asked by the government to the NDA why it persisted with an adult flatterer as head of an autonomous institution named despite its claims to be the champions of meritocracy.

The answer is not hard to find. The Narendra Modi Chamcha self-styled was only a manifestation of a deeper unrest that affects our public institutions that are treated as political fetishes as centers of excellence.

Ideologues or party poodles who sit on top create a culture of immunity and poor, undermining institutions of effectiveness or credibility and eroding their ability to contribute meaningfully to national discourse.

Weak public institutions, whether in the areas of health, education or culture, inevitably fail their purpose and often become mockers.

For example, it is one thing to know the harmful effects of tobacco and consumption, raise awareness and anything else to eliminate these types of movie cases or to convey intrusive textual references for screening a movie.

These are heavy forms of dealing with import problems and often counter-productive.

Nihalani’s work was documented everywhere. He took the word “nanny state” to vertiginous heights and wanted to impose his version of “sanskar” on films by changing deep things / words that they consider inappropriate.

It is difficult to imagine a more regressive and conservative anti-intellectual at the head of a cultural institution.

He controlled long kisses on the screen, forbidden words, deleted the word “cow”, a documentary, adjusted the privacy parameters of coils and random cuts imposed on a gay abandon without a care in the world about artistic freedom or the creativity.

Interestingly, while he was having problems with a “ladies-based film” Under my lipstick as a burka, he refused to certify a film describing the faculty-student romance – released without touching some comedies full of sexual innuendo and double meaning.

There is no need to blame poor hagiographer for their idiosyncrasies. The government handed over should be questioned. It is encouraging to see the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting have in their faith a professional recognized as Prasoon Joshi.

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